Life on the Waterfront

TidalWalk offers residents myriad of opportunities to enjoy a carefree coastal lifestyle year round. From pier fishing, birding in the wetlands, ocean boating or simply walking along a private beach to swimming, kayaking, surfing or sunbathing, this unique community has something on or close to the water for everyone. The private dock with 10 boat slips containing nine private slips and one day-slip for short-term use provides TidalWalk residents with convenient access to the Intracoastal Waterway and, through it, the Atlantic. A quarter mile of private beach provides a natural haven of sand and sea, perfect for building sand castles and hunting for seashells.

TidalWalk’s 150-foot pier that extends into the Intracoastal Waterway offers excellent fishing and the second-level gazebo at the pier's edge has comfortable benches that invite residents to relax and appreciate the peaceful breezes. Green Turtle Hammock, TidalWalk’s private island, offers residents a unique opportunity to experience the natural splendor of the wetlands with its luxurious varieties of flora and wildlife, including sea lavender, saw grass, neo-tropical songbirds and wading birds. All of this, just minutes from home.

To Catch a Crab

Like fishing, recreational crabbing is a traditional pastime for many along North Carolina's coast. Here at TidalWalk, several families have their own crab pots hanging from the TidalWalk pier. Every day brings anticipation as residents head down to the pier – many in their golf carts – to discover the day’s catch and compare their finds.

Beach Combing/Clam Digging

Imagine your family on TidalWalk’s private beach, strolling along under the setting sun, looking for shells and keyholes in the sand. Keyholes? Yes, because that’s how you find the clams. Working as a team, laughing all the while, you scan the shore, digging up clams with your gig and putting the keepers in your collection bag. Every find is a triumph and victory is sweet.


It can be challenging to relax and recharge these days, but it’s easy at TidalWalk. Jump in your golf cart and zip out to the private beach where you can take a leisurely walk or sit and read a book. Or fish off the pier, and later, sit in the gazebo and watch the boats drift by. Or maybe you want to head out to TidalWalk’s private island and soak up some of Mother Nature’s best work.

Close to the water. Miles from ordinary.

From TidalWalk's private beach and private dock with boat slips to Green Turtle Hammock, our private island, to the Intracoastal Waterway, our waterfront map makes it all easy to find.

Discover Where to Get Your Boat Out on the Water

TidalWalk’s private dock and boat slips afford residents convenient access to the Intracoastal Waterway, the Atlantic Ocean and the Cape Fear River. From spending an afternoon floating along the Intracoastal Waterway on a pontoon boat with family and friends to kayaking, windsurfing and canoeing, TidalWalk is a boater’s paradise.

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Gone Fishing

TidalWalk offers residents an ideal setting for every level of fisherman – drop a line from TidalWalk's private beach, right off TidalWalk's pier, take a canoe ride on the Intracoastal Waterway or experience deep-sea adventures on the open ocean. The variety of fishing experiences just minutes from TidalWalk's dock is unparalleled.

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TidalWalk’s Natural Amenities

A mild climate invites you to experience a carefree coastal lifestyle year round when you live in TidalWalk. When you enter the natural paradise that is the TidalWalk area, you’re sure to be astounded by nature's majesty on the shores, in wetlands and marshes, along riverbanks and on the land.

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