Sea. Play. Love. Introducing townhomes at TidalWalk.

Living at the ocean is all about freedom—especially freedom of choice. Now you have a new choice when it comes to your dream home on the coast. The DuneWalk Townes are located in The Hammocks neighborhood, just minutes from the private waterfront.

For many people, purchasing a townhome at TidalWalk is the perfect solution for their current lifestyle. Homeowners benefit from lower maintenance and utility costs, and it’s easy to pack up and go when other adventures beckon.

Townhomes also make a lot of sense from a financial standpoint, especially on the coast, where land costs are high and views are at a premium.

And of course, the most coveted location at the coast is always one with a view. Townhomes in The Hammocks are truly unique, benefiting from stunning waterway vistas, the Maritime Forest, refreshing coastal breezes, and plenty of sunlight. These luxury townhomes will be built to beautiful detail by one of the area’s most respected builders.

Meet Plantation Building Corp: A custom builder with a distinctive touch.

Plantation Building Corp (PBC), headquartered right here in Wilmington, has been designing high-end custom homes since 1997. They have established a regional reputation for award-winning, quality-constructed homes. So, when Dave Spetrino, President and CEO of PBC, saw the home sites at TidalWalk, he could immediately imagine the possibilities.

“It’s simply a beautiful, natural area,” he says. “So, what we’re doing is designing the townhomes to live well and take advantage of these incredible views.”

“Think about it,” he continues, “with the living spaces facing East, and with the double bi-parting sliders open, homeowners will get both the sunrise and the ocean breezes.”


Since great design is in the details, PBC worked to create a floor plan that makes use of every wall—with windows, doors and other glazing methods ensuring views and sunlight are always in ample supply. “We enhanced three of the four “sides” of each home with large windows and natural light—even within the stairwell.”

Your 3-bedroom/4-bath townhome features a spacious 2300 sq. ft. of heated living space on three levels, plus porch, balcony, patio, and garage, with the option of an elevator.

Your townhome, fine-tuned.

With the new model on DuneWalk Court now open, visitors are already oohing and ahhing, as they complement the “traditional but coastal vibe” the company has created. But Dave wants buyers to know that each home can be tweaked to the preferences of the individual. Not just countertops, tile selections, and lighting fixtures, but how rooms are laid out and used. That’s another benefit of working with a custom builder like PBC—they do this sort of thing all the time.

Dave and his team of experts at PBC also want buyers to “spend a little but get a lot” when it comes to things like energy efficiency. Homes in the DuneWalk Townes will have natural gas tankless water heaters, recirculating systems for quick hot water access, and smart thermostats to keep you comfortable while saving you money.

“And there’s always an option for an elevator, whether it’s installed now or in the future. For some people, that can be a make-or-break deal in a three-level home, so it’s nice to have for resale.”

Premium quality with great value

When asked about the nicest compliment PBC has received from clients over the years, the quote above pretty much sums it up.  “I love it when clients walk through their finished homes, see all of the intricate attention to detail, and how everything has come together so perfectly. It’s a big win for both the homeowner and the professionals working at PBC. We take a lot of pride in our work, and we are excited to be helping envision and create the DuneWalk townhomes.”

Dying to see the floor plan? Then click here. Better yet, come by the new model and experience TidalWalk for yourself. Jennifer Summers is your go-to person and you can reach her at [email protected]