Community Building 101


Strength of community is one of the main reasons people come together and most of us like to be part of a greater good and meaningful life. Yes, you probably know the neighbors on either side of you and wave at most of your block, but do you ever wish you were a little more connected? Here are some great ideas that might get you and your neighbors on a more personable plane.

  1. Throw a Block Party
  2. Hold a Craft or Hobby Show
  3. Host a Walk (Nature, architecture, etc.)
  4. Conduct an Educational Cemetery Tour
  5. Have a BIG Garage Sale
  6. Hold a Pumpkin Painting Contest/Party
  7. Go Christmas Caroling
  8. Hold a Cook-off
  9. Hold a Trivia or Game Night
  10. Host a Treasure Hunt

Some of these activities might require a quick check-in with property management because holding a community event may involve public land or private property. It might also result in traffic and parking issues or decibel levels that could disturb others, so be sure to get their blessing first.