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Top 6 Projects to Tackle This Fall (With Some Help)


Fall is here and your home might be in need of a little love. Get your house ready by taking care of these six projects now and you’ll save money in the long run. The costsbelow are based on national averages from over one million users of HomeAdvisor, but might be less expensive for local contractors used in your area.

Fall Lawn Maintenance – Avg. Cost: $262

If you’d like a green lawn in the summer, you’ll need to prep it in the fall. It’s time to aerate, rake, fertilize, weed, and overseed your lawn. You can do it, or you can hire a lawn crew to get it done.

Roof Repair – Avg. Cost: $1,022

Roof repairs can be costly, but taking care of small worries before they become big ones can minimize some of the impact down the road. Have a roofer inspect your roof to identify any potential hazards.

Clean Gutters – Avg. Cost: $189

Making sure that the gutters are clean will guarantee proper water drainage and prevent roof, foundation, and gutter damage. Plus a clean gutter system is a happy gutter system.

Upgrade Windows – Avg. Cost: $5,436

Notice any cool drafts when the temperature dips? You may have a window seal problem. Checking for wear-and-tear now is a great way to save big money from flying out window.

Increase Insulation – Avg. Cost: $1,545

Behind windows, proper insulation can be one of the biggest long-term money saving upgrades you can do for your home. You can save between 5%-30% off your energy bill by doing an energy assessment and upgrading as needed.

Hire a Handyman – Avg. Cost: $612

Your time is very precious and sometimes it can be better to keep a handyman handy for that never-ending “Honey-Do List”.

Searching for Your Dream Home?

The search for your dream home at TidalWalk is just a few quick clicks away and it’s as easy as 1-2-3-4.

One: Account Set-Up
First, you’ll need to establish your account by visiting the TidalWalk website and clicking “My Account” link from the top navigation area. You’ll be redirected to the login / register page where you’ll be prompted to create a user name and enter your email address (2nd tab). Once you do that, you’ll receive an email with a temporary password. Enter your user name and password in the correct fields and you can start looking at all of the great property offerings available.


Two: Search for Available Properties
After you are all set-up with your account, start searching for properties by clicking the “Search for Properties” link at the top of the website, selecting the Real Estate link in the green bar area and then selecting “Available Real Estate”, or scroll down on the home page until you see the search for properties area.

Now comes the fun part! You can search for homes by property type, price, neighborhoods, square footage, builder, and more. Whatever your heart desires! Click on a property for more detailed information about it.

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Three: Save Properties
You can save properties to your account by simply clicking the “Add to Favorites” tab on the right-hand side of the detailed property page. This creates a list that of properties you can save for viewing again later.


Four: Sharing is Caring
Once you’ve created your list of favorites, you can instantly share a listing(s) via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or email to family and friends.


For more information, please click the Contact link at the top of the site or contact any of our fine builders from the information provided on the individual builder pages on the site.