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A Small Space Wins Big at TidalWalk

At TidalWalk you have the luxury of buying a home that’s move-in ready or creating the custom home of your dreams. Dave Spetrino is President and CEO of Plantation Building Corp. They are working on their fourth home in the community.
His designers have found unique ways to create usable spaces within a home.

Special blog post by Dave Spetrino, President and CEO of Plantation Building Corp
Favorite features: Creating a big hit in small spaces

What started as leftover space within our Coastal Cottage homeplans ended up being a big winner with our clients. Having our cabinet builder [Hollingsworth Cabinetry] construct two custom-made benches along with a matching table and we’ve created a space that always captures the imagination of our homeowners.

banquette2-150x150 (1)banquette3-150x150

It’s extra seating without the need for a true breakfast nook.  It’s an even better place to corral the toddlers while lunch is being prepared.  Need a flat place for that 500-piece puzzle?  Having a party with a house full of people and this booth becomes a great place to sit without being disconnected from the action.

Our booths have been the “fan favorite” or “special feature award” during numerous home tours.  Many are reminded of this from a home of their youth.  Others love the simplicity in design along with the multi-purposes it serves.
One thing is for certain, no matter how our clients use their booth, it’ll never go out of style.

For more information on custom homes at TidalWalk visit or call 1-888-767-4681.

Quality & Coolness Come Standard with this TidalWalk Homebuilder

When you turn onto TidalWalk Drive in Wilmington, you immediately begin to experience the natural beauty and elegance of this intimate waterfront community.  That feeling expands to the design and quality of the custom homes available at TidalWalk.
Canada Goose

TidalWalk has a hand selected guild of custom homebuilders to choose from, one of those is Wilmington based, Mark Batson. He wanted to give his company a memorable name and we think he succeeded.
He chose the name “Tongue & Groove” for his business. Tongue and Groove is a term you hear in the building industry. So how did that become the name of his company?
Batson said,  “I wanted a name that was memorable, meant something, and applied to building.  A tongue and groove joint is a strong, quality, enduring joint between two pieces of wood.”
By the time Batson created Tongue & Groove he had already earned the reputation as a creative and detail driven builder.
“We started back in 2002 building our own personal home.   Friends watched the progress as we took a simple house plan and customized it into a home with a special touch.  Soon we were building homes for two of those friends, which multiplied into a business that created our company, Tongue & Groove.”

Batson boasts  “quality and coolness are never compromised.”
This is evident from the landing page on his website   (more below images)
“The introduction is intended to get the client into an imaginative mood and think about what their style is and how it should reflect their life. You’ll notice that the website doesn’t say much with words because words don’t really matter.  What matters are results, and the image gallery on the website speaks for itself.  The styles shown there vary, just as our clients do.”

And Batson says the style in the TidalWalk community is an ideal place to build a home. “It’s a intimate coastal neighborhood that has a nice cross section of socio/economic levels which allows for casual down-to-earth living.”

Tongue & Groove work within people’s budget and respect the number their client offers. But Batson admits, “we prefer budgets that are malleable that allow for design to come before budget because a truly custom project matures as it develops and each part, including budget, must be flexible.”

Batson goes on to say, “Our favorite projects are multi-faceted, authentic traditional or contemporary, no difference.  We like ones that consider all elements of living, interior and exterior spaces.”

Find out how you can experience the ultimate in custom design from Mark Batson and his team at Tongue & Groove by calling 910-679-4610 or by visiting